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The PRISM (Promoting Research Initiatives in Substance Use and Mental Health) Collaborative was established to address disparities in substance use disorder and mental health treatment. Our mission is to develop, test, implement, and disseminate interventions to improve the lives of individuals living with substance use and mental health disorders in their communities.  

Our team has developed extensive training materials to provide both the background, skills, and supports needed to conduct an-evidence based Contingency Management (CM) intervention for substance use disorders. Please see the training menu for current offerings and request training and a quote for services using the "Request Training" button. 


Michael McDonell, Michelle Peavy, Katherine Hirchak, Sara Parent


CM Overview Training

This 2-hour training provides an overview of the theory and evidence behind CM and the essential ingredients of an effective CM intervention.  This is ideal for those interested in teaching a large group about the basics of CM or for those wanting to combine the training with our Nuts-and-Bolts Training. This training includes 2 hours of training development consultation, 2 hour of virtual training, and 2 hours of post-training consultation to be used within 3 months of training. Each training event is limited to 50 attendees. 

*Provided in person or virtually


CM Nuts and Bolts Training

This four-hour training will provide your team with the tools you need to implement CM that is adapted to the needs of your community or setting. This training includes information about the essential elements of CM, urine drug testing in CM, tracking rewards, and the importance of regulatory issues when delivering CM. We will also review a tracking tool that allows you to carefully track urine test results and calculate reward amounts (CM Tracker). Small group activities will be included to assure training understanding. This training includes 2 hours of training development consultation with your organization, 4 hours of virtual training, and 6 hours of post-training consultation to be used within 6 months of training. Each training event is limited to 50 attendees. ​

*Provided in person or virtually


Fidelity Monitoring 

Our team will provide technical support to your agency to ensure clinicians are implementing the intervention with high fidelity. This may include review and fidelity rating of CM sessions, review of Voucher Tracker or Policies and Procedures documents for clinicians and administrators. Each fidelity review includes review of 1 Policies and Procedures document per site and 1 hour Voucher tracker review, per CM clinician.

*Only provided virtually


CM Coaching

We will provide additional consultation with administrators and clinicians to support their post-training adaptation and implementation of CM. The cost of coaching is based on a per-hour charge and each session includes 1 hour of preparation/follow-up communication (answering email questions, post coaching call follow up), and as a 1-hour coaching call. Coaching will address common logistical (e.g., integration of CM in workflow) that arise when implementing CM. Each session is limited to 10 attendees per call.​

*Only provided virtually


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